Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Thanksgiving Pumpkin Pie!

I haven't made a pie for a while. "Life stuff" has been getting in the way. But what better time is there to make a pie than for Thanksgiving. And of course I went with the classic pumpkin pie. I read recipes for sweet potato/pumpkin pie, strudel pumpkin pie… but they just aren't classic enough.

So, I'm not sure how it tastes yet, because tomorrow is Thanksgiving, but the little lick I tried tasted divine!

I did read that taste testers can't tell the difference between the canned and fresh pumpkin after it has been baked. But the waitress at the Cafe said she could(she makes pie too). BUT, I didn't feel like going through all of the trouble with the fresh pumpkin so I used Libbys canned, and that always works for me.

I cookie-cuttered some leaves and baked them separately so they wouldn't sink in the filling while the pie was baking. I like how it turned out. But next time I will probably just use the leaves for the edge of the crust. I just wanted to practice my crimping technique. And as you can see, it still needs more practice. =) Happy Thanksgiving!

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