Thursday, August 20, 2015

The Iowa State Fair Peach Pie!

So I was finally able to make it to the Iowa State Fair pie competition. I wanted to enter a pie last year, but couldn't take a day off of work. This competition was a lot of fun because there were so many ladies (I assume at least one male entered a pie, but I didn't see him) who brought many different kinds of pie and they were all so well made! I loved looking at the great care and craftsmanship that when into all of the pies. I also got to talk to a few ladies about what they made. Since it's Iowa, everyone was really friendly. 

I didn't win anything at this competition. But I didn't really know what they were judging on. Now I know. So I can't wait for next year's fair! 

One thing that I found to be crazy was that some women brought ten pies of all different varieties. So I think next year I'll shoot for five. Maybe that will better my odds at winning something. I did also notice that one lady won multiple categories... So she was in the know of what the judges wanted!

Checking in my pie.

All of the pies for the day.

The judge in the red shirt is tasting my pie.

My pie is on the right... A smidge over baked.

All of the women who made the pies watching the judges eat their pie.

My scorecard! 90 out of 100... That's an "A" right? =)

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Last Practice Pie!

So I had a pie in the Johnson County Fair. I placed fourth of 10... or something. It was odd because I had to run back to work so I'm not really sure how many pies were entered because they auctioned them all off after they judged them. Then the lady who hosted the even said the judges didn't like my peach filling... So, I guess maybe my peaches weren't ripe enough. Because normally I like my filling... Or maybe my brain and tastebuds are nuts and think that crappy things taste good! lol

Anyway, I tried to make some adjustments. I let my peaches ripen in a paper bag a couple of days longer than I normally would. I also added 1/4 cup more sugar to take away the tartness. And I also added less peach juice back into the pie. So hopefully all of these changes will make for a yummier pie. =)

I haven't had a slice yet, because I plan on having it for breakfast tomorrow. But I did take a lick and I liked it. I also thought I'd add some process photos, because it's cool to see how things are made. That face I'm making... I always make that face at pie crust. 

Update! So I had a slice of pie this morning and I feel like it could still be sweeter. This is nuts because I'm already putting about a cup and a half of sugar in it. The crust was divine. I'm really happy to be using butter in it. It makes the flavor much more enjoyable.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Food Bank Pie Share!

So I made a peach pie to take to the Johnson County Crisis Center to share with my fellow volunteers. I hope they like it! I'm still making a peach pie every week to better tune the flavor of the filling. The judges at the Johnson County Fair didn't much like the taste of my filling and I placed 4th out of 10. So I was disappointed with how I showed there. I didn't get much feedback though, so it's hard to know what they didn't like about it. The peaches maybe? lol

This pie turned out really nice. And if I can do anything, maybe I can at least make a pie look pretty! Thanks art school.