Monday, November 17, 2014

Apple Pie Class!

Today I went to "The Perfect Pie" class, through Kirkwood Community College in Cedar Rapids, IA. I have been wanting to go to this pie class for years! And I finally made it. The lady who teaches the class, Alison Kosek works as a Sous Pastry Chef for the University of Iowa. And she knows her stuff! And she is very fun to talk to. This is the kind of lady that I could sit and drink with... But anyway, the class was great. We learned how to make a really good crust. And we learned about the chemistry of a crust and how the ingredients make it work.

So, Apple pie is a pie that I've had a hard time with. I've made apple soup pie, and I've also made apple pies that have turned out too dry. So I'm hoping when I try this pie in the morning that I'll feel a whole lot better about this obstacle in my learning to make pie mission.

All I know is that it looks really good, and it smells really really good, so it must be good right?

Update! It was really really good! But, next time I might add some brown sugar to the filling.

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