Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Chocolate Caramel Tart... Disaster! But Delicious!

So I saw this chocolate caramel tart on Pintrest. I had to try it. It had my two favorite things. It also had a homemade caramel that you make from sugar and water on the stove top. That turned out great. But when I added the chocolate ganache to the top and refrigerated like instructed the tart was impossible to cut apart. Then I figured the caramel was too cold and needed to be warmed up, but then the tart just melted. Geez. This thing tastes great but is pretty impossible to serve and look good while doing it. I think I'm going to leave the rest of the tart on the kitchen counter while I go to work and see if that makes any difference. It might strike the right balance between being cuttable and not melting. 

This is a photo of a slice of the tart after I left it out for four hours and let the caramel warm a bit. It make the slices a lot easier to cut. This tart is incredibly delicious. When it's the right temperature the caramel melts on your tongue and the chocolate ganache is sweet and rich.
I'm not mad though. I love it when recipes don't go as planned. That's where we learn the most! And I had never made a homemade caramel before and now I know exactly what to do the next time I buy ice cream. mmmm

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