Thursday, July 30, 2015

Johnson County Fair White Peach Pie

This pie turned out really well. I used white peaches that were perfectly ripe and tasted really sweet. I also got a bit anal because I wanted this pie to look close to perfect and I used a ruler to measure the strips in the lattice work. It turned out pretty. I hope the fair gives points for pretty!
So I dropped the pie off at the fair. There were about 10 people there entering pies. There were also a couple of cute kids that made pie too. It was really cool to see what everyone made. There was blueberry, peach and apple mainly. There was one man who had a really cool pie basket that could hold three pies... So that's what I want for Christmas!

The pie lady said they would call me to tell me how my pie placed. They judge and then auction off the pies. So I will be informed tonight. So I'm excited! 

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