Sunday, July 5, 2015

The first Peach Pie of 2015! Let the experimentation begin!

So I'm getting ready for Fair season. As of July 1st peaches have gone into season and that's the kind of pie that I feel I'm the best at making. I also happen to love peach pie. So if I make 20 of them I can tolerate to eat all twenty! I looked and looked for the peach pie recipe that won the blue ribbon at the Benton County Fair last year, but I couldn't find it. 

So I've decided to just start experimenting. I think it will be fun. I remembered most of the recipe that I used last year. And my crust is in really good shape. I did hear a rumor that the judges at the state fair love the taste of a crust that has butter in it. But my pie crust has no butter. So, I'm trying to incorporate it into the fats that I already use.

This peach pie turned out really well. I think I want to add more sugar next time. But that's really my only gripe. I'm going to make another pie on Monday. In that pie I will add more sugar and I'm going to play with the crust and put butter in it. Yee-Um!

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